• Added Critical Health HUD.

Crafts and Professions:

  • Added Resource Icons: Silk Thread, Iron Ore, Cotton, Wood, Janana’s Flower, Desert Thorns, Meat, Salt, Ashura’s Wood, Copper Ore, Ashura’s Board, Copper Ingot, Treated Wood, Tight Fabric, Brown Skin, Iron Ingot in Vendor and Craft Menus.
  • Added new recipe for Apprentice (2) level of Alchemist profession.


  • Added availability to upgrade backpack types.



  • Switched to Unreal Engine 5.3.
  • Switched to DirectX12.

Skill Tree:

  • Reworked Skill Pouch in Skill Tree menu and added Skill Pouch button in Equipment.


  • Implemented reworked Craft Station UX.


  • Added weight widget for progress bar.



  • Fixed problem with chat access where players needed to press on the text box before typing.


  • Fixed bug where secondary key prompts displayed after being assigned instead of primary.

Skill Tree:

  • Added Speed Potion description in tooltip.


  • Added icons for all backpack types.
  • Fixed bug where the skillset HUD disappeared after item destruction in inventory during overload.
  • Fixed bug where one branch in the Class tree was not available for unlock.
  • Fixed bug where skills didn’t activate with equipped outfits.


  • Debts Burden: fixed Fansani NPC model placement after collecting money and quest stage validation blockers; fixed dialogue between thieves during eavesdropping phase.
  • Wine Affairs: fixed meta for spider enemies.
  • Red Dunes of Shai: fixed quest stage validations.
  • Forgotten Vessel: fixed quest stage validations.


  • Fixed weapon level and experience cheats.

Mobs and Loot:

  • Fixed bug where loot didn’t disappear over time.
  • Fixed bug where players were not able to collect loot from mobs killed in one strike in the Greenhouse.
  • Fixed Spiders AI when they refused to attack after revive in place.


  • Fixed bug where the party leader was not able to interact with a player that was invited by other players.

Gathering & Resources:

  • Fixed error message about Ashura Board resource in vendors and craft menu.
  • Fixed bug where crafted and equipped Steel tools were not available for usage.
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