Property (Work in Progress)

Property will be an important feature in the game both for the economy of the game and the player itself. As a player it will keep you safe, store items and create crafting stations that can be used to create items. Property market will be a larger part of the economy, since there will be different quality of properties and will be sold and bought within players.

There will be several properties for sale. If a player buys a property and another player buys the same. They will have the same entrance to the property but they will enter different properties. The players inside will be able to see out from the window, balcony or terrace on what is happening outside.

All properties can be traded with another player, the player can hold as many properties they wish too. But remember that the tax may decrease or increase depending on where you live and who has power in that biome.

You need to be a certain level to have a property.

Since the outside looks the same for all players. It is important that the player can make their own property personal by creating or buying interior items such as walls, floors, stairs and different kinds of furniture. You will be able to find blueprints along the way from quests, bosses, chests, etc. The items can be used both inside your property or sold on the auction house, some blueprints will be locked to your character.

There will be different quality of properties for example Poor, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary You will be able to find all sorts of properties around the world, both inside the city walls and outside.

Poor will be something simple as a campsite, mostly placed outside the city walls.

Common similar to apartments both found inside and outside the city walls.

Legendary could be a larger house both found inside the city walls and outside, but more expensive and very hard to find.

All properties work the same, does not matter what quality it is. Some properties may be larger than others.